Frequently Asked Questions

What are the security features standard to ConceptOne?

ConceptOne can be configured with scalable security. Each user has a unique login and password. These passwords can be made to conform to complex password rules and automatic password expiration.

Access to all ConceptOne functionality is controlled by adding each system or custom content object to a security profile and setting the events valid for that object within that profile. Users are added as a member to one or more of these security profiles, which can be segmented by book. For example, using this approach a user could have access to the create event of an invoice object but not have access to the post event. With this method each workflow, report, document and standard function, whether system provided or user-defined, can be security controlled.

Further control is available in the security profiles to set limits of authority such as limits on disbursements, write-offs and claim transaction amounts.

Signatures are tightly controlled so that signatures will only print for users on documents where the user has rights to use that signature for that specific document. This applies to all printed content including policy forms, merge documents, reports and ACORD forms.

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