About Epic-Premier

Who is Epic-Premier?

Epic-Premier Insurance Solutions delivers solutions that help the insurance industry succeed.  For over two decades, Epic-Premier has been advancing insurance business automation technology and services.  A comprehensive understanding of the industry along with exceptional software has provided our clients a valued partner in their success.

Our Unique Approach sets us apart from traditional insurance software firms within the industry.  Other firms typically focus on software as a final solution. We believe software is only part of the equation to implementing a successful insurance automation strategy.  Our business knowledge allows us to take a comprehensive approach to solving your problems and meeting the real needs within your organization.

Our Experienced Team has operated in the full spectrum of this industry.  From agency owners to executives at MGA’s, Carriers, Program Administrators and TPA organizations, they know first-hand the effects of a properly implemented automation solution.    This knowledge helps create the extraordinary value of our solutions.  Therefore, a primary focus of Epic-Premier is to ensure the business knowledge level of our staff is among the best in the industry.

Our Valued Clients have repeatedly listed our industry knowledge as one of our core strengths as their business partner.   We are confident you will be pleased with the level of knowledge and communication we bring to the relationship.  Epic-Premier Insurance Solutions has enabled our clients to work more efficiently, produce higher returns on investment, provide better customer service and grow more easily into new business opportunities.  Please review how Epic-Premier has helped provide our clients with these Client Success Stories.

SUC-CESS (noun) – a prosperous or favorable result of attempts or endeavors.
We welcome the opportunity to help you find “SUCCESS.”