A Strategic Partner For Success

A different insurance software vendor.

As you navigate through your project planning, please consider the following.

  Epic-Premier Doesn’t Want to be Your “Vendor of Choice”.

We don’t want to be your vendor.  Epic-Premier wants to be your Business Partner.  When Epic-Premier engages in partnerships with our clients, we are as interested in their success as they are.  Joint ownership in our projects has provided some of the most successful solutions our clients have ever encountered.

  It’s all in the Image

Unlike other policy administration systems, ConceptOne™ does not require a separate imaging system.  The fully integrated Advanced Document Management imaging system in ConceptOne™ allows you to start saving money and avoid the hassle of multiple systems.  The Advanced Document Management enables your company to start down the path to working in a paperless environment… now that’s quite an image.

  Have Your Cake…

…and eat it too.  It’s your cake, do with it what you want.  The same should apply to your data.  It’s YOUR data and our Open Data Access architecture is engineered with no proprietary codes or control rights to work around.  Just pure access to 100% of your data.  Your data is now available to provide reports in any format you need.  Maybe now you’ll have some extra time available to enjoy that cake.

  It’s all about You

And what’s important to you.  So wouldn’t it be nice to capture the right information at the right time.  That’s what the Quick Entry feature in ConceptOne™ enables you to do.  Save staff time and frustration with the ability to customize data entry layouts.  Help minimize the number of user keystrokes and screen transitions.  With the built-in Visual Editor, there’s no programming required to create the right data entry layouts to capture the data important to you every step of the way.

  What if it’s Not in the Box?

After partnering with clients for over a decade, we understand everyone’s needs are unique.  From integrating custom websites to engineering custom rating systems, our Custom Development Solutions Team maintains integration with your Epic-Premier solution through a single partner.  You can rest assured that if a custom project is needed, Epic-Premier can provide a “Single Point-of-Accountability.”


As you can see, Epic-Premier is not your Ordinary solution provider.  Find out how
you can start achieving Out-of-the-Ordinary results today.

More than software.  Solutions.

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