Frequently Asked Questions

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Since 1996, we’ve been answering questions about our approach and methodology for creating an innovative and robust enterprise-wide solution to accomplish your business automation strategy. The list below is a small selection of the many questions we’ve answered for curious customers like you.

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What are the security features standard to ConceptOne?

ConceptOne can be configured with scalable security. Each user has a unique login and password. These passwords can be made to conform to complex password rules and automatic password expiration. Access to all ConceptOne functionality is controlled by adding each system or custom content object to a security profile and setting the events valid for
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What is ConceptOne’s capability for viewing policy history / revisions?

Full contract view is available via a drop-down list of the revisions of the contract.  Complete contract details are provided such as Effective/Expiry dates, Revision number, Carrier and Broker details, and Billing Summary.

Do you have secure portal self-service options for clients, agents, and auditors?

The ConceptOne™ SDK (Software Developers Kit) provides clients and third party vendors the ability to develop their own applications based on ConceptOne™ Web Services and Enterprise Transaction Manager.  Clients have the option to either partner with Epic-Premier in the development of custom applications (such as self service web portals) to meet the needs of their clients,
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How can I search for data with ConceptOne™?

ConceptOne™ comes with several quick ways to search for data, all of which are designed to help users narrow down search results. ConceptOne™ allows you to navigate entity, policy and claim data quickly from the menu, icon on the tool bar or via the right-click speed menu.  The navigation search windows allow users to “Find
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Does ConceptOne™ have standard reports?

ConceptOne™ provides a set of standard reports; each can be customized using our report writer tool to meet an organization’s unique needs.  The reports can be run on screen (giving access to drill down via right-click speed menu), printed or delivered to recipients electronically.  Users may modify any system report and run their resulting report
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Is your solution architecture considered “open”?

Yes, the current ConceptOne™ RDBMS operates on Microsoft SQL, which provides open access to the highly normalized structure utilizing ODBC. All detail tables specific to insurance lines of business are based on the associated ACORD standard. Consolidated database views are provided to assist less technically advanced administrative users in formulating queries of the ConceptOne™ data. User-defined
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What is the standard ConceptOne functionality?

ConceptOne™ standard functionality includes application clearing, quoting, submission tracking, binding, issuance, policy lifecycle management, claims, accounting, and document management. Policy lifecycle management includes the ability to endorse out of sequence, audit, cancel, reinstate, reissue, renew, non-renew, and rewrite. Policy rating is available through several integrated methods: third party rating software, Microsoft Excel™ rate sheets, slot
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