Frequently Asked Questions

Does ConceptOne™ have standard reports?

ConceptOne™ provides a set of standard reports; each can be customized using our report writer tool to meet an organization’s unique needs.  The reports can be run on screen (giving access to drill down via right-click speed menu), printed or delivered to recipients electronically.  Users may modify any system report and run their resulting report just like the system report; reports written from scratch operate in the same manner with full security control available on all reports.  Special date logic can be used when saving report criteria templates to indicate relative time periods for a report (e.g., beginning of month through today).  Date logic can be saved as a View and the resulting reports can be run on demand, as a part of a workflow or on an automated recurring basis.

ConceptOne™ also provides the ability to create drilldown reports.  A drilldown report can be accessed by clicking on the column of another report that has been defined as a drilldown column. Information from that column is used to open a new report on a different tab on the same report window.  This provides a quick way to further analyze the information provided on the current report. Any report can be modified to add drill down reports.

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