Frequently Asked Questions

How can I search for data with ConceptOne™?

ConceptOne™ comes with several quick ways to search for data, all of which are designed to help users narrow down search results. ConceptOne™ allows you to navigate entity, policy and claim data quickly from the menu, icon on the tool bar or via the right-click speed menu.  The navigation search windows allow users to “Find By” depending on whether users are looking for an entity, policy or claim. When searching for an entity, the ‘Find By’ views allow users to search by entity name, alternate reference, role, address, phone number, fax number, city and zip code.  When searching for a policy, the ‘Find By’ views include by policy number, broker, policy name, alternate reference, application number and insured.  When searching for a claim, the Find by Views allows users to search by book claim number, claim incident number, principal claimant name, supplier, policy name, policy number or insured name.

The Claim Navigator is a system object that allows easy access to all information on a claim. The left section of the window displays a listing of relevant objects; claim window, related policy, consumer, involved parties, document, etc.


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