Frequently Asked Questions

Is your solution architecture considered “open”?

Yes, the current ConceptOne™ RDBMS operates on Microsoft SQL, which provides open access to the highly normalized structure utilizing ODBC. All detail tables specific to insurance lines of business are based on the associated ACORD standard. Consolidated database views are provided to assist less technically advanced administrative users in formulating queries of the ConceptOne™ data. User-defined database views can also be added as desired. Additionally, user-defined tables and fields can be added to the ConceptOne™ database via a utility available in the user interface within the ConceptOne™ application.

Epic-Premier developed ConceptOne™ based on a unique layered technology architecture that has enabled us to tailor business solutions based on client requirements. The power of this technology architecture approach is that it hides the complexity of today’s state-of-the-art technology from the user but gives a solid foundation of basic communication and workload management tools. Our current technical environment extends its general business functions with the specific processing needs of the insurance marketplace and allows for specific adaptations for an organization’s unique business requirements. Naturally, this architecture is seamless to the end users. The user experiences a consistent interface tailored to the needs and rules of the organization.


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